About Old and Smelly Me

Julian 39 Mazurka m.D. (Mendax Doctor – not to be confused with Medicinae Doctor, “M.D.”), undergraduate student at an unspecified university. I go by either J39M or The Orange Surgeon. I’m an average nerd with a healthy interest in music (the “classical” school and the modern school of program music) and a pronounced, completely heterosexual love for the pianist Rafał Blechacz. I’ve been told that my word choice is truly bizarre. I know that my fanaticism would make a Bahá’í cleric weep.

J39M, m.D.


2 thoughts on “About Old and Smelly Me

  1. 寶寶

    I thought your old blogspot was kind of slow on post flow, so I figured you probably took your thoughts elsewhere. The first place I thought to check was here. You wouldn’t happen to be moving here after you graduate high school, would you? 😉 Anyway, this introduction made me laugh. Hopefully I’m one of the few who will (sort of) be able to follow your train of thought. And I’d love to hear you speak in iambic pentameter.

    1. j39mazurka Post author

      Oh no no, I’m just out of it – that’s all. But you’re right about me moving – very astute of you! That of course means that I will need your professional design services again =) I appreciate your support as always! I’ll TRY the iambic pentameter someday (it’s usually accidental).


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