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151: The flaglock digest

2016-05-24 (0)

  • “The TigerAir flight (IT202) sounds like an airborne leafblower”


  • “Oyakodon for breakfast via meal voucher”
  • The baumkuchen salesgirl near Senso-ji gave me such a bemused look when I tried to speak English to her – the first actual true-to-life headtilt I’ve ever seen
  • “Izakaya for dinner – delicious tuna && Atlantic salmon (downside: smoke & noise)”


  • “Oedo-onsen Monogatari holy shit”
  • “Traumatic nudeness lol”
  • “Yukatas!”
  • “Yamanote line rush hour @ 2300”


  • “Harajuku weirdness esp. the Harajuku Roll”


  • “Ikebukuro (cerca) local university hosting an international cosplay cup with some lovely Sabers – the red / white one was pretty good at acting, as was her outlandish opponent; both were amazing at running on heels”
  • “yielding shaft seat so Akiba-bound trio could sit together – successfully avoided eye contact and made their gratitude weird”


  • “Had my first ‘back in undergrad’ dream this morning”
  • “Shosen book tower – 9F is all ecchi++ lol”
  • “of some lady in an ad on-screen:

    THIS LADY looks old –
    yes, older than my mother.
    Yet there is moe.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2016-06-02 (9)

  • “from yesterday: harmony of a Gora-bound night train:
    • Db
    • Bb
    • F_{E}
  • “0821: Gora-bound morning train. 2nd car is filled with hat-wearing schoolgirls (not pictured for obvious reasons)”
  • “Strangely Swiss-feeling two-car Gora-bound train took us home @ 20:48. Disregarding possible staff change, our guard as of Miyanoshita [kanji here] was very kind. He left his post for a bit to help out some lost tourists looking for ‘the hotel.’ We were delayed about five whole minutes for this. But it was heartwarming.”


  • “Cemetery shortcut to Kowakidani Station.”
  • “People give English-speakers some bemused looks. But at least the most basic phrases suffice for convenience-store interactions.”