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Somebody’s going to get hurt really bad

William gave me a quick synopsis of the events in the Grail Game up to the present. Some selections of my favorite events follow. I’m already out because I was killed pretty easily, but apparently I’ve been reincarnated into a vampire body so my captors can force me to bequeath my mana to them.

On my first and last battle, in which I tried really flashily to obliterate my assailants:

So I’m really salty that you blew up my experiment in LeConte…but everyone else was even more salty that you had so many summons. They blew up your jet, they were about to celebrate your defeat, and then you summoned another jet and almost got away. This was after you blew up half of East Berkeley with your symphony summons…

On Jesus’s bluffing:

Jesus walked over the water to recover Gerardo’s body. He fished him out of the river and revived him. That’s when everyone else came to get him. Nobody noticed that the weekend had just ended; it was five minutes past Midnight on a Monday. Jesus looked up at them and proclaimed: “You struck me on the Sabbath, and I did not fight back because I do not work on the Sabbath. It is now Monday morning.” He begins to glow, giving off incandescent beams of light. The fencer fled at top speed, noping right out of that.

The great part about all this is that the power is literally being radiant; it was an awful bluff and a terrible risk, but it paid off in spades.