130: Helsinki

“It sounds like … a sink in hell.”

As always the title is totally irrelevant to the post: but today we celebrate the Rotterdam Philharmonic for its scheduled collaboration with Rafal Blechacz.

Screenshot from 2015-02-13 15:21:37

I already posted about this in the Facebook group, but for posterity I keep a copy here of the record. Ta-dah! As promised, Rafal has worked Brahms’ first piano concerto into his repertoire. As of 13 February 2015 this is the last visible schedule concert on his page, but I expect there are more to come. Akiko (over at the [un]official Rafal Blechacz fanpage) mentioned that Rafal will be on sabbatical come 2016, but I hope we will hear lots of the Brahms before then. I cannot imagine why he would take a break (last I heard, he was aiming to complete his thesis before the Chopin Competition this year), but I hope he enjoys a well-earned rest.



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