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First, read this article. Skip to the bottom if you want to save time.

If the link is dead, this is the only relevant bit:

Koncert w Carnegie Hall, to część tourne Rafała Blechacza po Ameryce Północnej. Był już w San Francisco w Kalifornii, Houston w Teksasie oraz w Toronto w Kanadzie.

W tym sezonie artysta koncentruje się przede wszystkim na koncertach. Wystąpi 21 listopada w Poznaniu, a następnie w Niemczech, Wielkiej Brytanii, Austrii i Hiszpanii. W drugiej połowie lutego zagra w Warszawie. Ma już też gotową i czekającą na wydanie płytę z utworami Bacha.

Which Google Translate suggests means:

Concert at Carnegie Hall, is part of a tour of Rafał Blechacz in North America. He was already among in San Francisco, California, Houston, Texas and Toronto, Canada.

This season, the artist focuses primarily on the concerts. Performers will include the November 21 in Poznan, then, among others, in Germany, the UK, Austria and Spain. In the second half of February will play in Warsaw. It has also been ready and waiting for the release of a CD with songs by Bach.

Let me repeat that:

ready and waiting for the release of a CD with [pieces] by Bach.

Additionally, I asked for confirmation within the Facebook fan group; someone (presumably Polish) got back to me and green-lit the initiative to start bouncing off the walls:

Screenshot from 2014-11-05 23:38:51

Akiko, if you’re reading this, you had better sound the alarm – A NEW ALBUM APPROACHES!


EDIT: Also,

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