124: Pauli

I don’t think I bombed that quantum computing exam, but I did waste a lot of time on question 3(c). This was not spent on hard work, though; instead, I wrote a skit on Alice in Wonderland.

3(c). What is the expectation value of \sigma_{z}?

“Curiouser and curiouser,” said Alice, checking her work.

“Trig-o-no-me-try,” intoned the Duchess sharply. “Did you never learn about – triangles and imaginary numbers and such – in school?”

“I’m afraid I must have missed the lesson,” said Alice, trying not to feel offended.

“You simpleton child,” (and Alice was now very offended) “it’s very easy!” The Duchess seized a piece of chalk and snapped her fingers imperiously. A quartet of flamingos skittered haphazardly up to Alice, a blackboard balanced on their backs. The Duchess began to write and sing:

“SINE and COSINE make EULER / only a STUPID girl misses the lesson / confronted with exp, SOILS HER / self, for which she is beaten.”

The Duchess savagely dotted the period, very nearly upsetting blackboard and flamingos both.


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