118: Basculements

(French) Noun – 1. plural form of basculement On the right, the main view of Rafal's artist page; on the left, the Houdini-esque "On Tour" page that is still present but inaccessible from the main page. Recall what I wrote in the previous post (117) about Rafal’s tour schedule. As of 23 June 2014 that page appears blank, but we already know that he has an engagement in little less than two months (see 117). Today I went back to investigate and the page is still blank (I have it bookmarked so I can play “Where’s Wally” a la Rafal). Even stranger than ever is that when one visits Rafal’s homepage on DG’s website, the link to the tour schedule is entirely absent (shown above at right; mysteriously disappearing link to tour schedule is highlighted in red). To the left is the tour schedule that still appears via search engine (and via links from this very blog), but to the right the main page has deliberately omitted any mention of touring. So we now can be pretty sure this is not just Rafal’s agent slacking off; rather, it is a deliberate message that Rafal is not on tour as of now. For the delusional reasons I set down in 117, I am fairly convinced that this means a new album or two is in the works. This discovery only strengthens my conviction.


EDIT: I am vindicated. The “On Tour” page has been updated, and as of 8 July 2014 it lists Rafal’s earliest engagement to be a Chopin recital on 15 August 2014 in Montreal, Canada. Innocent sabbatical? I think not!



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