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112: Consummarant

Consummarant (Latin) – verb – third-person plural pluperfect active indicative of cōnsummō.

Yesterday I attained recognition with the girl at Quickly’s (“You’re late today”). It’s a sign that my tapioca-milk-tea consumption is running amok.

Today, there was a substantially longer wait for the boba because the water hadn’t been prepared properly the day before, she explained. I defaulted to my usual reply: “All right, I’ll come back.”

I misread my watch and came back a little early. The shop was still pretty empty. The girl behind the counter chatted about working in a tea-shop. Putting on her best annoying-cutesy-girl impression, she twittered “Hiiii! I’d like a boba milk tea, please.” She responded as herself: “Sorry, the boba’s not ready yet.” Gone was the cutesy-girl act, now replaced with a sullen dame: “Oh. Fine.” Then she did, at my request, the “awkward” guys. “Sorry, the boba’s not ready yet.” The shifty-eyed, unsteady response: “Oh. Um. Well. Um.” Her mental response: “Why so awkward? Just go to some other place. I don’t mind: I won’t take it personally.” Her most personal complaint was when people didn’t respond to a spoken greeting. “Hi! Welcome to Quickly’s.” The curt reply: “I’d like a tapioca milk tea.” Internally despairing, she thinks: “I’m a human being, too. I have feelings! You could at least say hi.”

She mixed up the boba and got me my usual large tea with large boba. I held out the payment, but she headed me off: “This one’s my treat today, because you waited so long for the boba. Just today, though!”

I thanked her and wished her a great day with a big smile. (But this wasn’t some happiness at a three-dollar-freebie: this was kind of the same happiness at being told that I was “late.”)