Image comes courtesy of Deutsche Grammophon; I stole it shamelessly from Amazon dot-com and am willing to bet my bottom that it’s copyrighted by Felix Broede. Rafał (Rafal: god but I hate special characters) Blechacz’s new album, “Chopin – Polonaises,” will be released internationally on 6 September 2013. It is available for pre-order from many places: Amazon has it for ~$17 USD and will deliver on 24 September.


EDIT: It’s now way past 24 September and the album has been released! From the few reviews that I see posted on Preludia, it’s really made its own way through listeners’ hearts. Also, I shamelessly advertise for Barnes & Noble (for listeners in the USA), seeing as they’re selling it for a price much lower than Amazon’s. I for one bought my copy from B & N along with a half-dozen other CDs that were going at firesale prices. Unfortunately, the discounts also seemed to come with low stock, and so I will be getting my Polonaises by cheapskate your-slowest-item-delays-the-package-the-most-free-shipping in mid-October by the looks of things.



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