103: Sideburns

Noun: sideburns (normally plural, singular sideburn) – Facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin.

Today on flaglock: Julian goes over the usual grievances and kludges and other miseries.

I notice a small ongoing furor about the removal of the keyword.url option from the Firefox configuration. There is already a solution: install your search engine of choice to the search bar (the weird little cousin of the Awesome Bar that I’m pretty sure everybody’s forgotten – it exists immediately to the right of the awesome bar on the last standard installation I saw. You can toggle its drop-down menu and click “Manage Search Engines” to see your options), and the Awesome Bar’s default search engine will change to reflect that, even if you hide the search bar thereafter. Tadah! Who needs keyword.url anymore? Can we please stop calling the Mozilla developers bad names? One of them stood down being called a “fucker” and calmly laid out the justifications for stripping away this option. They’re not actively trying to stamp out non-Google search engines.

Speaking of stamping things out, somebody on Reddit commented that the prescribed penalty for converting away from Islam was death. I would love a source on this (in addition to an idiot’s guide to Islam). Maybe I should go talk to some of the religious unions around the university.

I upgraded to kernel 3.10.5-201 today; there was unfortunately no progress on the USB issue. The people on #fedora and the Fedora Forum can’t do much; too bad. I’ll just cross my fingers and wait.

And now, the highlight of the year – Rafał Blechacz’s new album of the Chopin polonaises gets its international release in less than a month (unless that month is a starving February). I look forward to hearing how he handles the polonaise op. 53; it is separated from its last recorded version by more than seven years. His performance at the Chopin Competition XV was what drew me to him; and to this day, his interpretation of the polonaise op. 53 stands at the top of my charts as the most-played song in my library. I can’t wait for 6 September!



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