091: Roboids

Noun: roboids – Plural form of roboid

There was a campus-wide internet outage today around midnight. Something close to the core went out, because berkeley.edu was inaccessible for a while, too.

Michael suggested we get out for some fresh air, and so we did. We went halfway up to the Laboratory (stymied by a security booth) and a few steps up a trail (stopped by the promise of mountain lions and potheads). Instead we went around Bowles, looped to the side of the Greek Theater – which I climbed into – and after beating a hasty retreat (I was chased out by a suspicious person), we climbed atop Pimentel and sang some vocal exercises. Following this, Michael and I had a skunk scare. I showed him dehydrated turkey poo, and we bravely plowed through a couple being all lovey-dovey out by the stairs.

When we finally returned, the internet came right back – and it was business as usual.

In other news, Fedora 19 has made its first slip. Things still look okay, but I’ll still err on the side of pessimism. I quote the infobox on the targeted availability date, the content of which seems to have been recently changed:

“Historically Fedora strives to release a new distribution every six months or so, on a Tuesday as close as possible to October 31st and May 1st of each year. Due to problems with Fedora 18 release, we are off the GA target for Fedora 19. In the future releases we would like to try to get closer to the target dates again.”

The alpha release, first slated for Tuesday the 16th, has now been pushed to Tuesday the 23rd. We’re not looking at a beta until the 28th of May, and the final release has ebbed into early July.

Ah, well, I can wait. I think that when the time comes, I really plan to do a clean install – some things went a bit wrong with this one that I could really remedy with a full wipe.



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