087: Reflags

Verb: reflags – Third-person singular simple present indicative form of reflag.

I’ve done it! In the first hour of 1 March 2013, Joe Hisaishi has been dethroned from the top of my scrobble-charts. Rafał Blechacz, as is right and good, takes his crown, two hundred and three years to the dot after the birth of Frédéric Chopin. The winning scrobble, chosen ahead of time, was “Polonaise in A flat major Op. 53.”

To celebrate both this and Chopin’s birthday, I’m having a lonely internal musical gala: $1.50 earphones blasting lots of non-Chopin all day long! We have Kun-Woo Paik with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Antoni Wit) on Prokofiev’s third piano concerto, Blechacz making some performances, Daniel Barenboim conducting Staatskapelle Berlin through Beethoven’s first symphony, Mikhail Pletnev with The Philharmonia on Tchaikovsky’s third piano concerto, and Yuji Nomi who makes a special appearance with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra to conduct his incidental music for The Cat Returns.

And if we get through all that, Joe Hisaishi will make an extra-special appearance with both the New Japan Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra in a dazzling performance of selections from his film scores.

To round off the day, though, I will for sure conclude with Blechacz’s reading of Chopin’s two piano concertos with the Concertgebouw led by Jerzy Semkow, in order of composition.

It’s a beautiful day, meteorologically speaking, and musically speaking.

Many happy returns, Monsieur Chopin.



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