078: Routinising

Verb: routinising – Present participle of routinise.

A Very Strange Dream, goodness knows how many of these I’ve had.

I was navigating a labyrinth in detached third-person mode – cruddy graphics and all, a bit like the “Frogger” game sis and I used to play. There were horrid faces that closed in on you from different tunnels in different rooms; you had to pick from several unblocked tunnels to get to the next room in a set time before the faces smothered you. Ew.

Well, this and that, and I was suddenly with a group of three (or so), all unfamiliar faces. The girl with the long hair got out a knife and stabbed me.

I woke with a start, groggy and disoriented. I couldn’t see the clock but it felt like I’d barely slept; I mentally noted the time to be after 3 AM (probably).

Work on my custom edition of the Spirited Away soundtrack liner notes is almost done, and the “Fantaisie-Impromptu” is shaping up wonderfully. I hope to have the third movement of Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto complete very soon, and might venture to start on the second movement. I have not made any progress with my original compositions (lack of self-confidence set in).



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