076: Nearshore

Noun: nearshore – The region extending seaward from the shoreline.

Seriously good haul this year – a nice blue scarf from Mom and New Super Mario Bros. from Dad!

The scarf was gorgeous to unwrap – I tore off the paper and there’s the softest fabric you’ll ever touch. She said that not only was it cheap, but it’s probably more comfortable than that towel I like wearing around these days.

New Super Mario Bros. was something of a shock – the box was small and light; when I unwrapped it, I glimpsed the Coach logo and groaned internally. Fancy brand names aren’t my thing. Then the tissue paper came out and I started laughing hysterically. Troll Dad.

That was actually all last night, as per family tradition not to wait until the 25th.

This morning, though, I had a pleasant surprise when I found out that my laptop’s built-in microphone captures the piano a lot better than the microphones lying around our house. So I recorded a rehearsal run-through of “My Neighbor Totoro” (my two-piano arrangement). My counting is truly something atrocious.

More will follow.



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