073: Desulphurizes

Verb: desulphurizes – Third-person singular simple present indicative form of desulphurize.

– Documenting all the battles I win against my computer

– Listening to film scores by Joe Hisaishi

– Reading obsessively about all kinds of gory, nasty accidents – as if I wasn’t paranoid already

– Watching all those TV shows and anime that I had piled up in my queue

– Reading Mozart, because I’ll be playing with Lyra spring semester

– Actually getting out of the house every now and then

– Getting kissed on the cheek by a sweet old 92-year-old

– Breaking out every now and then and trying to be myself in a way that people can enjoy

I mean, she was talking with Mom the whole time (we performed at the Carlton Plaza today), but as soon as she saw me, she asked if she could kiss me on the cheek. What do I say? No? So of course I smiled (and I meant it) and leaned forward a little.

After I took a picture of Mom and her, I struck up a conversation with Ruthie (sp?) who had earlier congratulated me and suggested that my antics were worthy of Victor Borge.

“You know, I am so glad that Asians came to this country. They make me so happy!”

That COULD be misconstrued as being racist. I think it was more reactionary: to be taken in the same gulp as the idea that we’re not welcome here. If she had said that right after someone told me “get the hell out of my country you damn chink,” it wouldn’t have been even mildly racist. I was HONORED to be compared to Victor Borge, so I knew that she didn’t mean anything by the “Asians” comment. She escorted Mom and me out when we told her that we had to go; people wished us “Happy Holidays” all the way out.

Goodness. If I weren’t so easily stressed by work of the hands, I think a senior center might be a good place to work at.

And above is just a menagerie of all the perks I enjoy while at home for the holidays.



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