069: Epichoric

Etymology: From Ancient Greek ἐπιχώριος (epikhōrios), from ἐπί (epi) + χώρα (khōra, “country”).

Adjective: epichoric (comparative more epichoric, superlative most epichoric)

Of or pertaining to a specific location; local (especially with reference to forms of the Ancient Greek alphabet).

1957: These characteristic monuments do not, however, seem to survive the epichoric script. — Tullia Rönne & Peter Marshall Fraser, Boeotian and West Greek Tombstones (Gleerup 1957, p. 37)

1986: However, there are also a number of other epichoric inscriptions which do not appear in either Kalinka’s or Neumann’s collections. — Trevor Bryce, The Lycians in Literary and Epigraphic Sources (Museum Tusculanum Press 1986, p. 43)

The first cello part of “When You Wish Upon A Star” (three-plus cello version) is complete. I numbered the bars just now (fifty-six of them), having wrapped up the very last line early this morning with some time changes. Those won’t be fun to conduct; there’s a marked ritardando in the performance. Work on the second and third (but not concurrently!) cello parts has begun. I have yet to see how a fourth might play out.

I also began arranging “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” for solo cello (and implicit piano). There are sixteen plus two (read: eighteen) bars fully notated and a middle section with only chords written out, noted “BAR 17 -> 32, AD LIB” (I scribble notes in caps on my staff paper) so the cello does something during the piano solo.

Because the cellist requested it, I’m also looking for something in a minor key for him to play. Perhaps he could write an original if all else fails.



2 thoughts on “069: Epichoric

    1. J39M Post author

      Even if you didn’t, I’m now looking at a piece for five or more cellos (with doubles and triples, so hopefully sixteen in total). 🙂 Maybe summertime if I can catch you.


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