065: Phycoerythrobilin


phycoerythrobilin (countable and uncountable; plural phycoerythrobilins)

(biochemistry) A red phycobilin found in the phycobiliprotein phycoerythrin, of which it is the terminal acceptor of energy.

I’m used to imbeciles frequenting YouTube comments, but to see them on Amazon is a little less “meh” and a little more eyebrow-raising. I quote a fellow from his review of Josh Groban’s album “Noël:”

“What a disappointment when I put this compact disc on the player and all the songs was Chrismas Songs! Don’t make the same mistake I did, people of America! “Noel” means “Xmas” in some other language (I think French). If you’re looking for some honest, mellow, brunch-rock that Joey Grobans is famous for, well, try some Kenny Loggins!”

I can understand that you might not know the word “Noël,” despite the fact that it apparently entered the English language in the 14th century (WP-EN – not cited?). Fine. Half the elementary-schoolers around me knew it, but that’s not objective. That little festive sprig of … it’s mistletoe, pretty sure … whatever that is hanging off the album title, I guess you could have passed over that too.

No. What jiggers me (interestingly, that word doesn’t trip the spell-check) is how you failed to notice that the second sentence in the editorial review describes the CD as chock-full of “holiday music,” and the ratio of the words “Christmas” and “holiday” to sentence count is 4:3 in the album description. To top it off, you obviously completely blew off even GLANCING at the track list, which is spearheaded by “Silent Night.” Yes. Because that’s totally the usual “brunch-rock.” Just like track three, “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” which couldn’t possibly be a Christmas song, not the least because the word “Christmas” appears in its title. Nor the fact that it could possibly be that same famous song that Bing Crosby has recorded more than once and has been covered by countless other artists.

This leaves me scratching my head as to how the steep the gradient is between people who are careless or flat-out stupid and people meticulous to the point of gifting review-readers with headaches. And then we have the really unfortunate people, but that’s beyond the scope of this rant.



One thought on “065: Phycoerythrobilin

  1. thekarenlee

    I almost didn’t catch the sarcasm in the “I’ll be Home for Christmas” part. Lulz. Compared to the usual idiocy that surrounds the majority of Youtube videos, I give him/her partial credit for having a decent (not flawless, but passable) grasp of proper spelling and grammar. Then again, this is Amazon, where the population has a generally higher IQ than Youtube, so. *shrugs noncommittally. Always happy to join in the snark on the lulzy things people post on the internet, though, yo!


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