064: Resing



Present participle of res.

I would like to quote an interview with Andrzey Jasinski in the December 2010 issue of Monthly Chopin as taken from the Preludia fan-site for Rafal Blechacz. When asked about Avdeeva’s victory, Jasinski responded:

“Of course I agree with the result which was decided by all the judges.  I have no intention to talk about my personal opinion here. She is a good pianist.  But let me say that if I look back the past experiences when Zimerman, Argerich and Blechacz won, this year’s winner does not reach that level. She showed various musical interpretations, and sometimes I felt she added too excessive interpretations in some rhythms such as tenuto and the way to decrease tempos…..She maintained a certain high level of performance in all the stages including the laureates’ concert and performance in front of the president.”

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE. I rather beat around the bush in that previous post, but now that one of the judges on the Konkurs panel agrees with me, I just got a little more entitled to my opinion!

I’m being such a bigot. But hey, I still enjoy listening to Yuja Wang (when she’s not playing Chopin, usually) and Martha Argerich, so you can’t REALLY accuse me of sexism.

The thing is – Blechacz’s playing (this has been expounded upon so, so many times in so, so many different publications) is the absolute pinnacle of colorful humility. He’s not as likely to electrify as Horowitz (though reviews across the board seem to be proving me wrong already), but he’s kind of middle-of-the-road – and BEAUTIFULLY so.

Which brings me to note that I really, really am not fond of Horowitz’s playing. I have only one disk of his in my collection, and admittedly he wasn’t at his prime then (his last concert), but his older recordings (including some Chopin and Beethoven – we have two, three disks at home) fail to impress me as well.

Avdeeva runs in a different vein; she reminds me a bit of the compilation CD “The Essential Chopin” that my music teacher gave me as a parting gift – forgettable. Bland. Generic! I’ve never so moved by any playing as Blechacz’s moved me. By contrast, take Yundi Li … well, I don’t know that he moved me much, and now that I really think, I don’t think I could draw a clear conclusion as to who’s “better” between Li and Avdeeva. I’m not sure that it’d be right, either. Either way: Blechacz’s playing reigns supreme in my mind: read his rave reviews and understand why.



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