062: Embalmment


embalmment (countable and uncountable; plural embalmments)

The process of embalming.

This post is being written from a live session of Fedora 18 beta. The first surprise of the morning was seeing the beta release announced on Distrowatch – I haven’t been paying attention to the timeline – and so I hurried to download the DVD image (which currently weighs in at a scant sub-800 MB).

The second surprise of the morning was the thirty-second boot; I was up and ready to go in well under forty seconds by my watch. It was a blindingly fast deal – maybe something to do with the fact that I was booting off a USB disk and not an optical disk this time round.

The beta performs very smoothly on this machine – though mounting my encrypted disk didn’t work, and screen brightness is as uncooperative as ever, I think I’ll be very pleased with this.

I’m a little sad that the art isn’t … relevant any more. With “Verne” we had a beautiful submarine that brings back memories of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; and before that, Leonidas, was it? (derp, “Lovelock”) had some themed artwork too. “Beefy Miracle” has some nice fireworks, because we often eat hot dogs on the Fourth of July and so fourth (hurr).

But there’s nothing in the wallpaper of Fedora 18 to suggest a spherical cow.

Ah, I haven’t used Fedora long enough to know – baseless complaints; GNOME 3 runs smoothly and the system seems useable enough – I’ll call it a night.



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