059: Plus-size


plus-size (comparative more plus-size, superlative most plus-size)

(of clothing) Designed to fit an overweight person.
(of a person) Overweight.

Over at Christine’s, Joyce’s, and Tina’s house today for a Thanksgiving after-party, we watched Amélie. WOW, but that was a GOOD film.

I’m not a huge fan of the modernist, accordion-heavy film score (Yann Tiersen, hats off to you anyway) but at least it fails to be cliche.

The film itself was sort of a novelty to me – gimmicks that are typical of films of the day, like color shenanagians and beautiful wide-angle camera shots. Very pretty, but I’m not sure if that’s considered substance.

Still, the subject matter – a long-winded love story of the title character and a man who has a funny hobby of collecting photos – is beautifully portrayed and wonderfully executed and just wow. It was a heart-warming story, too; the way they live and love is something delightful to see.



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