058: loathsomeness

A whirlwind of activity like never before took my schedule by force: I was up until a quarter to five this morning. I would have been in bed before then if not for a long conversation with The Nice Pencil-Selling guy and Alwin; that only kept me (along with math homework) ’till quarter past four.

But no, I glanced at my watch when I next crawled out of bed to light my lamp: it was a quarter to five when I began notating the first bars of my “Vulgarity no. 1 in G major for two cellos.” The work is as meaningless as anything else I have composed; the major form of musical development is a meekly simple rhythm in 2/4 held by the first cello which is slowed and phase-shifted enormously for the second cello to state as a theme.

I refuse to pull out the pathos stops and resort to the usual predictable cycle of fourths that characterize beautiful music. I lack enough experience to deal in chromatic bass lines (that’s not saying much) but I will plow ahead with the simplest model I have developed for myself.

And this work WILL be developed PROPERLY, not abandoned like the rest of my FJH Variations (which are always on my mind anyway, since the thematic material is not completely worthless).

I fell through my bed into dream country with ease, and dreamt strongly – that all disappeared, though, when I crawled out scarcely a few seconds later when Michael’s half-past-seven alarm (the first of a medley) rang.

After office hours and a late lunch, I found myself reading some of Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin works – they’re wonderful!


EDIT: careless of me to forget my word of the second!

loathsomeness (uncountable) – The property or nature that gives rise to revulsion, that inspires loathing.


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