057: Diamondback Rattlesnake

diamondback rattlesnake (plural diamondback rattlesnakes):

Either of two venomous rattlesnakes, of the genus Crotalus, from southern United States and Mexico, that have diamond-shaped markings on their backs: Crotalus adamanteus and Crotalus atrox.

Last night, we were evacuated from building six (yes, all of us) so the police could shoot a wounded skunk.

Michael and I had a great view from our window – we saw the blue and red lights and we saw the little furball in the middle of the road. An officer shooed it to the curbside; it climbed laboriously into the safety of the brush but didn’t go much further. After half an hour of deliberation, an RA stuck her head into our suite and asked that we move to the TV lounge.

Of course, Michael and I immediately raced to get cameras pointed out our window. Michael had a nice wide angle view, I had a clean strip of brush, trees, and the place where the skunk was.

Twenty minutes of hangman later, we were given the all-clear. Alfred was spotted heading outside with a camera (the rest of the suite spied on him and his girlfriend from our room – they were taking FLASH pictures of the place where the skunk had been shot). Michael and I played back the 20-minute-ish videos. I found the crucial point first, and Michael followed soon after.



The highly unpopular Euphrates Dam, which has long stifled the food supply of the peninsula downstream, was destroyed today. The demolition was neither planned, announced, or accidental; it was blown up in a fiery blossom of gunpowder by persons unknown.

The Euphrates Dam was constructed under orders of the Assyrian ruler Michael Yano in a political move to strangle his enemies down the peninsula. It was highly effective throughout its short existence; the damage caused was immeasurable, and Yano’s karma fell drastically.

Suspicions abound about who may have sponsored the attack. The questions of who reaps what benefits is clearly answered (see B10, REAP), and the finger-pointing has already begun at the national level.



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