056: Waddingtonian

Waddingtonian (comparative more Waddingtonian, superlative most Waddingtonian)

Of or relating to Conrad Hal Waddington (1905–1975), biologist, paleontologist, geneticist, embryologist and philosopher who laid the foundations for systems biology.

I have written three clunky shell scripts (they’re not even scripts, really, just shortcuts) that do a number of things. Running “amuseme” will open a random Wikipedia article and a random xkcd comic. Triggering “whether” will call up the current conditions and the day’s forecast for 94720. Calling “wots” will request a random word from Wiktionary.

Well. “Waddingtonian” isn’t very interesting.

Inflammability: (noun) (countable and uncountable)

1. The condition of being inflammable

2. The extent to which something is inflammable

A little better. You can never be careful enough about understanding fire hazards.

Roaring success of the day: running a brute-force gauntlet of matrices, derivatives, and chain rules without error.

An overheard: “Michael, do we just have to brute-force this…?”
“Uhh. Yeah, I think so…”

I even went so far as to number my terms as I crossed them off to make sure each was properly paired.

It was only a piddly practice problem, but little things like this are really worth some short-term happiness.



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