I’m still hanging out in the lower tier of students here in college – it’s rather a tragedy. I’ll come out of my slump at some point. I’ve got to. I’ve got to. I’ve got to.

On a much brighter note, Anne’s exemplary on-the-fly sight-reading and transposition put me in a great mood. I was so proud to have outputted the 50 odd bars for the theme from “Cinema Paradiso” (as performed by Josh Groban) in one go, a manic scoring spree that lasted until 4 AM. She played it beautifully, both with her own viola and Sam’s violin. “When You Wish Upon a Star” needs some work, mostly because I can’t do the chords.

Other pieces will follow, I hope; I really do regret never pushing the HiKaPh to take off…


EDIT: I forgot one of the most important items on my mental writing agenda: documenting my indulgent splurge on more music. $8.54 spent at Rasputin Music on two selections from the clearance rack and one from elsewhere. All three involved Leonard Bernstein: Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and American in Paris (apparently Bernstein plays piano, by the way – $1.95); Beethoven’s fifth symphony and Schubert’s eighth (THIS one was absolutely a steal, for being in almost mint condition – $1.95); and Bernstein on Schumann’s third and eighth symphonies, as well as his symphony for strings ($3.95).

Overall, not bad! Three CD’s for less than what you could buy ONE new one on Amazon.com for. I think I’m going to have a good time with this.



3 thoughts on “048

  1. thekarenlee

    加油啦 you’re going to be fine. people always say that but you ARE going to be fine. it doesn’t get much better than cal on the west coast. 😀

    btw i hope you’re using your moleskine for documentation! hehe


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