I rose at noon today (Michael was still fast asleep) to the F-major tinkling of my phone receiving a text message.

I went to get my CD drive back from Anne, and that somehow escalated into sight-reading five-halves Chopin nocturnes.

I loaded up my laundry and got lunch at Top Dog (entirely unsatisfying for six dollars); I went back, found a dryer, and went to get a haircut. I took a shower (and forgot my towel; I had to use my shirt instead, and sneak back to my room at top speed). The hair salon down Hearst (right next to the food court) is ridiculously overpriced ($47 per haircut, first-time special $24); a quick search via Google Maps led me to a small place on Euclid ($16); I left decently satisfied.

It occurred to me this morning that not everything that passes through my head is sacred, or even important. I’m sure composers and writers and artists strike things out all the time, when they decide that some scratch draft isn’t good enough to pass on to general knowing.

With that in mind, I proceeded to write this post as usual, documenting every tiny tidbit that went on in my life today, knowing fully that it would seriously lower the value of each post on this blog.

I actually bought a used CD today from Rasputin Music – “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. Stereo sound is really something.



3 thoughts on “036

  1. thekarenlee

    Tidbits are awesome! I enjoy reading them, so not to worry 🙂 Good for your for getting a haircut! And being frugal, at that. I know (or I think I know) the feeling of jumbled, messy thoughts in your head and not knowing which ones are worth saying or remembering. Bleh.


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