I’m pathetically losing steam on the J. front. I couldn’t have done worse these few weeks than if you gave me a master key and absolute get-away-with-it rights. Now, the cusp upon which I balance threatens to send me plunging down, down, down. I made it a cusp where it was once a beautiful exponential function that was differentiable everywhere.

Let’s see if Ennio Morricone can’t help me out…[would Thursday hurry up and come already?]

On a brighter note, the physics midterm wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected.

I finished the day by playing pool with Anusha, practicing some basic Wushu in the octagon, and creeping on Anni’s practice time. She played through the Etude in c-sharp minor, op. 10 no. 4; some Prelude and Fugue in d (Bach), and some of a Chopin ballade that I was not familiar with.




One thought on “032

  1. Yu-Ten Lee

    Be patient, kid, sometimes the low hanging fruits are mostly sour… BTW, do you guys have regular Thursday’s event? Good luck.


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