Michael and Aneiss came back from their midterm (they have Stahler, and I Markov) in a celebratory mood; it was “easy as hell.” I was hustled out of my bookish stupor and brought down to Giannini Hall in high spirits. I sang and danced and jumped and pranced all the way down the stairs (“JULIAN GRAVITY’S GONNA DO YOU IN AND YOU’LL DIE”), and we waltzed all the way past VLSB to our promised destination.

I came back in full-on “Let’s Do Radio Exercises” mode, except I chose a full set of the creepiest and least heterosexual dance moves possible. Michael threatened to hit me with a paper fan if I didn’t stop. I was acting positively wild with joy for no reason, other than that I half-expected the midterm to be a breeze (Oh God. That’s more or less the same line of reasoning that got me into hot water with the CS midterm). We don’t even have the same professor. Oh no. Oh no.

I had dinner with Alex; eventually Omead and some others from the suite downstairs joined us; Jaehoon himself sat next to me.

Jaehoon…made some unusual comments. Makes me wonder if – just maybe – a few select people might be well-versed in the art of mind-reading, but don’t let it on, not ever.

If not, I chalk up another unusual datum which points in a favorable direction but cannot positively be used to corroborate hypotheses of mine…



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