I had lunch with Albert and Eric (“nice shirt Julian but I didn’t even bring mine…don’t wanna wear it again” ~ Albert and Eric both) down in the Asian Ghetto at the Gypsy Italiana (very Asian); it was a big catch-up session and I went to see Albert’s apartment after wolfing down my first Cal Zone. VERY nice place, and he told me to come by to study some time so he could cook for me.

Dinner with the suitemates, Will, and Chris – La Val’s Pizza down Euclid. Urk. That Chicken Alfredo was NOT delicious. Too oily, and not creamy enough.

Then the highlight of the day: I got out my ensemble and dressed up in shirt, trousers, and vest. I borrowed a stately towel from Michael to drape over my arm, and carried a few rice crackers on a graph-paper-pad tray. I nailed Hoi first – she freaked out but complimented the suit. Then we got Natalie (Marco and Alex wouldn’t respond) and Anita, and finally William.

I don’t do too badly as a butler. Refine the mannerisms, and then…HALLOWEEN PROFIT




One thought on “029

  1. thekarenlee

    I admit I feel proud that I’ve eaten at both Gypsy’s and La Val’s, and I don’t even go to Berkeley! Ha. I thought La Val’s was just decent, though. I love Gypsy’s calzones 🙂 Also, Albert cooks? A few added points.


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