Three pairs of elbows on the table, flanking two plates of food and a packet full of dry reading. Michael didn’t eat, but he was there just to discuss tactics with Aneiss (while I eavesdropped). Aneiss and I chose the same plate (orange chicken, string beans, and rice – yum!). I wolfed down my food quickly over Michael Giacchino’s score for the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland, but Aneiss took his time over talk with Michael.

Not only did we decide that we ought to create a Godfather-esque atmosphere at the table by dimming all the lights in the TV lounge, but we also agreed that steam-powered cigar-smoke generators would be indispensable.

Tonight, a beautiful alliance between the members of our suite was forged. It all began with Aneiss and Michael, but quickly spread to the others – and we agreed collectively to stand as one group championing progressivism, enlightenment, and justice. In the name of our values, we would win the world game, expand it to a global level, win that, expand it to a galactic level, win that, expand it to a universe and multiverse level, win those, and eventually take command of all space and time.

Meanwhile, Japan (Armenia) is still in the stone age.



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