Last night I went around putting up posters advertising “Slender Man – The Musical” (“live at the Greek Theater, 16 December 2012 – huehuehuehuehuehue”) – one went on Marco’s door (he took out his laundry and went back in without even noticing it until I came by to ask casually where Alex was – “Oh, Julian, you did this?”). A second copy was placed on Anita’s door.

This morning, Marco’s copy was still there, but Anita’s had mysteriously disappeared. I went off to physics lab with a pout. Party Pooper, I thought.

Nothing special happened today (except teaching J. a permanent lesson NOT to turn your back to J39M). I went out to late-night with Anusha and Michael.

Coming back, Michael beat me to the door and unlocked it with his key, stepping in. He took a long step, striding over something on the ground – a white flash caught my eye – a black center –

The Grudge was on the floor of our room. In the split second it took for me to jump back in sheer shock, I understood that it was only a small picture of her subtitled “Are you studying?” in large Times New Roman. That didn’t work against momentum, though, and I fell backwards onto the floor by our door and sat there, laughing hysterically.

Andrea emerged from the girls’ bathroom and joined me in laughing. After maybe half a minute more of my screeching mirth, people stuck their heads out into the hall to investigate what was the matter; Anita fessed up to doing the deed, and Hoi high-fived her. It was the best prank that’d happened this year, and it really lightened the Monday mood.

I walk into Tuesday with a smile, looking forward the most to Thursday and Friday.



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