It looks like the prima donna came down with an unexpected bout of Masbegganout, and was thus unable to perform “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

For the medically untrained, I quote the first edition of the Bullstream Medical Encyclopedia:

“MASBEGGANOUT: A not-very-infectious condition discovered in 1994 by Jakub James Mazurka. First found in son of same [Julian 39 Mazurka]. Symptoms (in its purest form – see note) include sudden laziness, prolonged silences, and general aimlessness. The condition is fatal over time, but is almost never given as cause of death due to the time frame it requires to develop.

“PLEASE NOTE that Masbegganout is the name of the disease in its purest form, as found in Julian 39 Mazurka. It has not been observed in any other persons. Its symptoms are altered (and more often diminished to the point of being undetectable) when transmitted to other people, especially English majors.”

[Sepley, Daniel Cross. “Bullstream Medical Encyclopedia, First Edition.” YuEbSy Press, June 2012.]

I myself diagnosed her with Masbegganout, but she seems to only be a carrier. There is, then, no cause for alarm; there’s nothing wrong with a little dose of Masbegganout on a quiet Friday afternoon off Faculty Glade.



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