“Hey Hoi. Julian has a weapon of mass destruction.”

“And what’s that?” Hoi braced herself for some awful joke.

“Not a WMD, but…” I produced the paper fan that Michael folded with the Wednesday issue of The Daily Californian. Tsukommi tool. Very useful against Michael, who makes all those puns.

Before long we were sitting in the hallway, slapping each other with the fan for kicks. Natalie came out from her room – “What’re you all doing? I’m sick of reading.”

“Oh, we’re slapping Julian,” said Hoi. “Yeah, have a go,” said Michael, throwing her the fan. “No, I don’t want to slap Julian,” said Natalie (she smiles about as much as Marco does).

I began demonstrating “comedy” (I told a parade of bad jokes and took a hearty slap from the fan for each one). Eventually every answer to my jokes was “to slap Julian.”

Later today (in less than twelve hours), I will be graced with a beautiful solo vocal rendition of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”




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