– I’ve retracted a small amount of prior content on this blog. Occurrences are marked clearly by a flag in brackets that indicates roughly how much content was struck from the record. This will not become routine for me.

– Story of my life: I dug up one of the short films we saw on the night of the fire alarm, called “Sigh” – it tells the story of a “romantically challenged” store employee. It’s a sweet little mini-musical with excellent choreography – and it really struck me because…because…

– I’ve gone back to listening to Cliff Edwards on “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Not even the sarcastic “When you wish upon a star, you’re a million years too late / that star is dead / JUST LIKE YOUR DREAMS” could turn me away from the song purely as a work of music.

– I still haven’t met Hiromi, but she creeped me again; she reported back to Michael that I had fallen asleep in math (true story).

– I went down to 60 Evans today for a nice long showing of anime – it was great! “Medaka Box” and “Mankind has Declined” – I’ve seen the first and I loved the second.



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