We collectively thought, for an instant, that our headphones had gone wonky. But when we pulled off five pairs of headphones in unison, we realized that something was wrong – and no, the flashing light and the continual blaring outside the headphones didn’t tip us off.

As we stood outside in the cold at three in the morning, shivering with the rest of Hillside (someone had brought a guitar to liven up the mood), Michael, Jason and I reflected (word for word):

“We will find the asshole who did this and hang him from the fire alarm (by his balls) / drop-kick him off the top of Evans / ram Julian’s long stick [for martial arts – as Julian prefers to call it, his staff] in places they do not want to think about.”

…another creepy moment to add to the tally, banging on the door of 6B34 and actually rushing in to yell at them to get up.

Two fire trucks came. Two. And a police car. And all the RAs. And La Loma slumbered through the whole thing.

Then we came back and here we are staring at me writing my post, chastising Julian for not taking his trusty stick with him when he ran out of the building.

Hoi’s scared that she won’t wake up tomorrow. Marco says to set two alarms; Michael sets six, and Natalie sets her alarms one hour earlier. Marco thinks that’s stupid; he does things on the dot, but Natalie says that doesn’t work. Anita asks when Hoi has to wake up (7:45) and cracks a joke about the fire alarm. Michael suggests that someone pull the fire alarm and blame it on Hoi.

Just an exercise in quick live typing.



2 thoughts on “019

  1. The Nice Pencil-Selling Guy



    Also what happened to 18?


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