– Cliff Edwards’ “When You Wish Upon a Star” has been temporarily replaced by Cole Porter’s “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To” (as performed by Joe Hisaishi and the New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra on the album “American in Paris”). Nonetheless, Jiminy Cricket can still be heard from time to time – it’s become my signature “theme” that heralds my appearance on any scene.

– Homework! Projects! I have to deal with some less-friendly people while I’m at it. At least my facilitator for the Rubik’s Cube DeCal is nice. He boasts a 10-second record solve (unofficially).

– Now that the wireless router is hale and hearty and ready, I can work more regularly from my laptop. Communication with Mom and Dad via chat is a plus.

– A picture taken of me dozing off in physics class (that poop Lord Blortinghead, aka Will) caused a small furor on Facebook today. The conclusion drawn is that Mary seems to be deliberately antagonizing me. I do not react; I’ve been passive as of late, and 姐姐 spins this in a positive light.

– J. claims that I was seen/heard from their room. This is unusual because I don’t think I was being especially obnoxious today.

– On the blackboard of 51 Evans today (the twenty of us and our GSI have yet to figure out exactly what class goes on in there before us) was the statement “∀_x ∃_y s.t. dog(x)^heaven(y)^Go(x,y).” We all got a kick out of that.



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