The standard post:

– Returned to university today. My bags were far heavier than they were when they left my dorm. I brought along my suit, two shirts, my Wushu bag, my Wushu pants, my Wushu shoes, a new pair of shoes that we bought at Target today (with 姐姐’s blessing and all!), dress shoes, and other things I can’t think of.

– Hoi almost smashed a light open in the hallway while playing with my staff.

– I hung out in the Stern rec room from 9:15 to 11:45. Found two creepy AID photos of me from Summer 2011 as a result.

– We sprang a surprise party on Jason at the stroke of midnight (and then some for our late RA who was making her rounds), and he was quite thankful for it.

– Had a communal chemistry session with Alex, Anita, Andrea, Marco, Michael, and me (as the whiteboard sidekick, in Hoi’s words).



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