“I like watermelon knives.”

I met up with Christine L. today (it’s been a while!) just to catch up; I had a great time trying to stay awake after that in lecture (Physics 7A), in spite the engaging “shoot the monkey” demo. Professor Ramesh leaves us in a week to start an institute for sustainable energy in Singapore. Gosh.

English was actually a lot of fun except small-group discussion (I still think there’s a conspiracy of silence against me), when I was sorted into a group with two other guys and one girl. Nobody had a problem except that girl with me – she wouldn’t ever look me in the eye when she spoke, let alone when I tried to make a point.

Now that I think about it, that girl next to me in math lecture seemed like she hated me too. (“Is that the Math 53 textbook?” *reveals cover, grimaces, turns away* “Er. Okay.” Anni later commented: “You’re so unloveable!”) What is it? My deodorant? The fact that I don’t have deodorant? My sense of fashion? My want of sense of fashion, really? My face? …that’s just a low blow…

Other than that, I found English a surprisingly engaging class. Professor Acu leads well, and seems to know what he’s talking about (there’s rarely moments where he’s groping in the dark).

I’m BARELY starting to get used to Python. I know virtually nothing still. I’ll learn.

Finally got a chance to talk to the trio today after running into them at the rec room (“we’re spying on you”) – oodles of laughs and shenanigans with the watermelon knife in the common room. J. had fun playing Temple Run on my phone.

Today also marked the first time I was ever slapped by a girl (huehuehue). With a chopstick, no less (HUEHUEHUE). She popped back around the corner a few times just to menace me, and she finally whipped it at me but missed, hitting Saeam instead. My sentence, sans due process, was a slap across the face with the chopstick. I fell onto the couch and lay there, stunned.



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