Acne is the least of my worries

27 August 2012 (delayed posting since I didn’t  want to be clacking away at the keyboard late at night)

The usual blurbs:

I am so extremely lucky to be rooming with Michael. It’s hard to list out all the many things that he’s just so easygoing about; for the uptight me who happens to have a lot of bad habits, that’s a huge blessing.

I quite honestly don’t think that sleeping more will get rid of my acne, or that I even could sleep more than I do. Besides, getting rid of my acne probably won’t help on the social front – I’m PRETTY sure.

I listened into an in-depth lecture from Aneiss at dinner about the brilliance of Tolkien – not just the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but even more – I learned that he was a veteran and a linguist, for one! Aneiss also summarized the plot of an extremely depressing separate story by Tolkien; I agreed with him that it was one of the most saddening ever written.

I buzzed myself into Stern again and practiced some piano. (I’ve been playing “Le Cygne” a bit obsessively as of late; the madness hasn’t quite worn off.) I had just finished my arrangement for “My Neighbor Totoro” (piano part only, as recorded on the “Melodyphony” album with the LSO) when I heard someone clapping quietly from the couch. Turns out she saw my shirt from the back (AID Summer 2011 – the brilliant blue one) and come in just for that, since she had also been a participant in that year in Jia-yi. That was Anne, and she has yet to refresh her memory of “My Neighbor Totoro.”



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