In honor of our dearest RA Caroline, our suite held the first Banana-Groping Olympics today in the DC. Our judges: Natalie, Marco, and Alex. The contestants: Hoi, J39M. The spectators: Michael, Anita.

We devised a fifteen-point scoring scale: five points for time (the fastest finishes with five; every three extra seconds any other opponent takes is worth a one-point deduction), and ten points for form (averaged from the judges’ individual scores). The rules were to, upon signal, to grope and eject a half-banana (as chosen and agreed on by all contestants). Unfortunately, I finished behind Hoi and my banana was also a little rotten. My final score was 10 + 1/3; Hoi finished at somewhere around 13. We shook hands and she swung by my room later to give me some extra bananas she’d had (for practice). We related the events to Caroline afterwards and had a banana-snapping session (“HALL SPORTS!” we screamed).

I never knew musical involvement could be so useful for networking: I’ve met so many people thanks to piano shenanigans – Derrick (sp?), who plays high-precision ragtime at breakneck speed; Kunal, who could get a job at a piano bar (or any place that takes musicians, for that matter); Annie, who plays a mean, mean Chopin (my first impression of her was Etude op. 10 no. 4 in c-sharp minor. For the non-Chopin-inclined, it’s analogous to meeting a girl dressed in full-on dominatrix gear); Andrea, whose take on “La Campanella” takes my breath away (yes, she trumps even the great Jason H.); Allison, who really hates reading chords but is picking up a Brahms intermezzo full of them.

Michael just showed me maybe five different renditions of the “Family Mart Welcome” jingle and it’s now stuck firmly in my head.



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