Monday stalks closer

I still have problems. A few of them.

Open mic night today; we closed the show (besides the two RA’s singing “A Whole New World” a capella) with our amazing dance for an excerpt from “Gangnam Style.” Our RA loaned Marco and me both glittery, sequin-laden clothes (Marco a golden v-neck, and me a black jacket); I swapped my shades for Alex’s safety goggles, and so our strange menagerie got onstage down in Stern. Reception was greatly positive.

Our suite (with the exception of a few) then had a sort of musical soiree in the rec room with our dinky piano; we sang “My Heart Will Go On” and “When You Wish Upon a Star,” to name two. Michael did an amazing bass rendition of the latter. There was epic ping-pong afterwards.

Then we hung around inside the TV lounge until about three o’clock (we were joined by a security guard, a sophomore in nuclear engineering whose daily worries tend to include anxious students losing friends in frat houses) swapping stories, jokes, and playing hangman.

At one point, I went to get water from my room and returned to find that Marco and Michael had disappeared. The girls told me that they had gone to the bathroom; I checked sarcastically behind the nearest couch to make sure they weren’t hiding there, and they laughed nervously. Then Anita suggested that I hide Marco’s flip-flops, directing me to put them behind a certain cart in the room.

We continued hangman and I lounged leisurely on the couch, facing the chalkboard. I did not notice Hoi giggling every so often. But when it suddenly occurred to me to me to turn around, I fell off the couch – a truck piled high with plastic objects had suddenly come extremely close to me. I took a few moments to process that something inanimate had creepily approached me before I realized that the game was up; Michael poked his head out from behind a couch and Marco appeared from behind the cart. Anita was surprised that I hadn’t noticed that Marco went to the bathroom without his shoes. Marco was surprised that I didn’t hear him moving around.

I met the quartet briefly this morning and reflected on how I ought to be more honest with myself.

Oh God. Now I’m worried all over again. I’ll sleep on it and try again later.

Stay loose. Stay loose. Stay loose.



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