Vocalizing and Harmonizing in B Major

Classes opened like the charming, mysterious thirty-second piece by Yuji Nomi for “The Cat Returns.” It was almost magical.

I rose early with M. and J.-down-the-hall, and we had breakfast together. M. left for his 8-AM class, and I went back to bed (my first was at 2). I woke up later and headed down to Morrison after a meet-up with Evan, Wi., Ch., Shi., Ri., and Nox. Morrison wouldn’t take me (as a non-music-affiliated student I have a very limited window to use the practice rooms), so I went back to my room.

A little before 2, went down to class with Al.-down-the-hall; he left me at Pimentel for OChem, and I continued on alone to LeConte. Met many familiar faces there; uneventful first lecture.

English was a charming little prison cell in Evans. The chairs were nice, the professor was amazing, and the people nearby seemed nice enough. We have homework, though. And I have to buy my physics book – I’ll need to make a note of that.

[1 sentence redacted on 6 September 2012.]

The late-night CS section was useless. I entered awkwardly and then was forced through a tutorial of basic UNIX-y stuff that I was already well-versed in.

Plenty of talking with H.-down-the-hall (“Today”) about music, and shenanigans with singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” with M.

Dance practice was hilarious (in RA’s room, set to the song “Gundam Style” [sp?]). Open mic night tomorrow.

I still miss home, but it’s not so bad anymore.

I raise my glass tonight to the usual: M., J.-down-the-hall, RA-across-the-hall, and J!



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