Daaay Three.

I have slightly more presence these days. I need to continue this so that I don’t become a nobody when classes start; who’ll I go to for help? Today, I finally got to know the people in the triple at the end of the hall (An., Wi., and St.) – An. is half-Iranian and half-Australian, and has this amazing accent that I’m sure boatloads of girls privately swoon to hear. He was well-dressed and overall entirely not-unkempt (a little unusual for a Foothill resident), and was extremely logical. I found Wi. not to match up all the way, and Stephen to be the referee on the sidelines.

[Three sentences redacted on 6 September 2012.]

Orientation is tomorrow – my last day as a free man. The posts only get shorter from here, and the stress only grows from here. I raise my glass (bottle of water) to myself, to Mi., to J, to Mar., to Car. …



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