Daaay Two. No scribbling on the clipboard today.

Highlights of the day:

– Late rising to brunch with M (down the hall), J (down the hall), and roommate.

– Had “talks” with same sans M-down-the-hall (who was tabling for Caltopia).

– Convocation of new students at the Greek Theater, with appearances by the marching band and some VIPs who made excellent speeches.

– Had a deep conversation about food, philosophy, many other things with Saipuresu, J, and “Sam” over dinner at the DC.

– Went to Stern rec room to be an arse, which actually worked out well for me. Reunited with Alec from CalSo, which was a bonus. Received civil “good night.” Was very happy.

– Made boats for the RA (owing to her habit of saying “Whatever floats your boat”) out of recycled paper; An. (next door) provided wave-drawings on white paper, and we quietly pasted our creations to her door.

– Chatted with old friends on Gmail for the first time in a long while.



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