Daaay One. *{scribbles on clipboard}

I met my roommate today! He’s a nice guy, and I think our cohabitation will work out nicely (provided my clacking keyboard doesn’t bother him). I met a lot of people, in my suite and on the rest of the floor and the building today. So many new acquaintances. I’m not sure what my RA thinks of me but hopefully she’s okay with me.

Some highlights from today:

– I bought a banana after dinner, but was rushed shortly after to the building meeting down in the assembly room; I finished my banana there but was too hemmed in to get to the trash can. So I held a progressively blacker and blacker peel in my hand until it felt nasty. At the end, when we started getting up, a dirty-blonde girl behind me suddenly said “Oh! You had a banana. I thought you had banana cologne.” That made me laugh.

– After dinner, my roommate and I went to get his laundry (he had a lot to do, even if he only moved in today), and while we were waiting outside the occupied room (being used for a floor meeting), a skunk came by. We ran for it. There was panic and hilarity.

– We played cards in the RA’s room and I managed to squeeze a compliment out of someone for my shuffling. Then our RA took us on a night-hike into the hills, which was complemented by a hazardous trek downhill off the beaten path (ending in backtracking to the normal route); she also took us all around the dorms, featuring beautiful views and unusual elevation changes. Then we camped out on the second floor waiting to wish happy birthday to someone down there; he never showed, but we had a lot of fun with some games anyway.



2 thoughts on “Daaay One. *{scribbles on clipboard}

  1. The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy

    I liked the part where you signed the post with four tildes just like you said you would.



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